Tribe House - Women's Sober Living Home in Aurora

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The Tribe House is located in South Aurora. The home is decorated in a “tribal” theme with tons of fun colorful artwork, an enormous deck and back yard, and vaulted ceilings in both living rooms. The upstairs bathrooms both feature skylights for plenty of natural light and the basement!

About Zen Mountain Sober Living Women's Recovery and Home in Aurora, CO

Sober living houses are an important step for people who are trying to stay sober as they move from inpatient care to living on their own. People can continue on their path to recovery in a safe and organized setting at these supportive homes. One example is the Tribe House, which is one of Zen Mountain Sober Living House sober living homes for women that stands out because of how much it helps women in their healing. The Tribe House is located in Aurora, Colorado. It has a lively “tribal” theme that creates a unique and uplifting atmosphere. With colorful artwork on the walls, large sitting rooms with vaulted ceilings, and a spacious deck and back yard area, the Tribe House goes above and beyond to give women in recovery a place that is both welcoming and inspiring. At the Tribe House, people can get the help, friendship, and tools they need to build a solid foundation for a sober and fulfilling life.

Homes like Tribe House in Aurora are very important because they give people a safe, supportive place to work on personal growth. Sober living houses put a lot of emphasis on community support, which makes it easy for people with similar experiences and goals to feel like they belong and get along with each other. Rules and standards are often put in place in these homes to encourage accountability and responsible behavior and to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and support. Sober living houses have a supportive atmosphere that helps people build healthy habits, learn life skills, and build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Whether it’s the Tribe House in Aurora or another Zen Mountain Sober Living House sober living home, these residencies are very important for giving people the tools they need to stay clean and build a better future on their recovery journey. 

Why Choose Zen Mountain Sober Living Home in Aurora?

The Tribe sober living home is located in Aurora, CO with access to public transportation and within walking distance of grocery stores and shops. 

This location provides our residents with employment opportunities, access to meetings and support groups, and is minutes away from the heart of Denver.