what people say about us

Samantha Staton

I highly recommend Zen Mountain! The homes are beautiful, spacious, clean and cozy! I felt at home immediately. My house manager Sommer was the absolute best! I now have life long friends and 7 months clean! Erin (the owner) is a badass and will forever be a role model of mine. I always felt supported and loved there. The perfect place to heal, connect with you true self and get back on your feet.


Zen Mountain Sober Living gave me a safe place to heal and grow. It helped me develop the tools I need to be successful on my sobriety journey. Erin’s (owner) combination of tough but unconditional love was a bright spot during a very dark time in my life.

Cindy Kurneck

My daughter stayed at the Zen Mountain Sober living home in Aurora Colorado. I have had experience with several Sober Living homes over the years and can absolutely say that this one is heads and shoulders above the others. In addition to providing a clean, safe and comfortable place for her to stay, they also agreed to keep her things for her when she went back into Detox, which never happens. I am grateful for the kind and respectful people that run these homes.

Brittany Beckwith

This is by far the best sober living this area has to offer…arguably the best in Colorado. I have had the BEST experience that one can have in this type environment. Erin [owner], our fearless leader and role model, genuinely cares for each and every one of us. She walks the walk, leading a life that is an example of what each one of us strives to achieve in our journey of sobriety.

Before coming to Zen Mountain, I had a pretty bad experience here in Aurora at another sober living. It is because of that experience, I have true and first hand knowledge when it comes to comparison of what’s available. NIGHT and DAY. This program is designed to assist us in the best way possible to be successful both in sobriety and in life. In this program, we are each provided a recovery coach, free of charge… an excellent benefit I have never seen offered anywhere else. The amount of support that I have received is unheard of.

A little about our accommodations… there are 4 homes, each beautifully furnished and decorated. They are located in very safe locations. Our homes are very clean and feel like a home rather than a communal living facility. We become a mini family who love and support each other. We sleep every night on memory foam pillows and mattresses with comfortable sheets. We need or want for nothing more at our house.

I truly cannot say enough about Zen Mountain. I am proud to be a part of this program and if you are thinking about moving into a sober living home, this would be a really good choice. I would pick this place over and over again and recommend strongly to anyone considering! 💕💕💕

Dorothy S

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Zen Mountain Sober Living. My daughter lived in one of the houses for several months to continue her journey with recovery from addiction. The owner, Erin, provides a safe, loving and supportive environment for the girls in her homes and goes above and beyond to help them to thrive. I highly recommend choosing Zen Mountain if you are looking for a top notch sober living home.

Sommer Berryman

I absolutely recommend Zen Mountain as a sober living option. I have lived in their Aurora home since January 2nd 2020 and I know, without a doubt, it saved my life. I am now 10 months clean and it’s because of my hard work and most importantly, the support and assistance of Zen Mountain staff. Structure is key to any persons recovery and there is plenty of it here. Zen Mountain is the perfect stepping stone to independent living so if you’re looking for structure, support and caring staff, call Erin ASAP! She genuinely cares about you and wants to see you succeed!

Brianna Graner

Zen Mountain House saved me during my transition from rehab to living on my own again. I needed a safe, sober and supportive place to live and I found that at the Phillips house. Just like anything in recovery it’s all about your outlook and the work you put in. Zen gives you structure and a community. I had a very good experience, my house mates were wonderful strong people. Laura my house manager did a wonderful job making sure our house was safe, warm and welcoming!

Kirsten Masker

I wanted to acknowledge how clean and comfortable Zen Mountain is. I have toured four of their houses, and each one felt very welcoming. They seem to take pride in it feeling like a home. I even had to take off my shoes at the door. I would highly recommend Zen Mountain Sober Living.


Zen mountain for me was the most helpful sober living. After rehab I needed the structure to help keep me on track. The owner of Zen Mountain is an inspiration not only to me but to every women she helps! Thank you so much!!!

Sarah Garvey

Zen Mountain is a fantastic community for women in sobriety!! The houses are clean, organized, comfortably furnished, and there are MULTIPLE options all over the Denver Metro Area. I work for a treatment center here in Colorado, and have referred multiple women to Zen Mountain. The owner, Erin, and her team of housing managers go above and beyond to ensure that residents are successful in creating their lives in the sobriety. The sense of community and belonging that Zen offers is residents is amazing!

Mallorie Quitter

This place saved my life, after treatment I needed a place to stay that would be a safe and sober environment to get me back on my feet. I have been with Zen Mountain for over 7 months and my life has changed completely for the better. The owner Erin is an incredible person and the program she runs is conducive to a successful and happy life in sobriety. I am so glad I made the choice to come here and I would recommend Zen Mountain to anyone looking to better their life in recovery.

Scott Mounce

I have referred several women to this program and seen lots of success first hand. Erin runs an amazing program with lots of structure and guidance. Zen Mountains houses are beautiful and well kept. I would recommend Zen Mountain to anyone looking to start their journey in recovery.

Erin Doss (Irishlilie)

Zen Mountain is a peaceful, supportive sober living home that promotes long-term recovery. Erin and Laura, the owner and manager, are passionate about and dedicated to helping the women here remain clean and sober. They listen to each struggle with compassion and celebrate every success along the way. Zen Mountain is the ideal, structured environment that facilitates women’s transition back to independent living following alcohol/drug treatment. This is not just a house, it is a home.

Cindy Koopman

Hello my name is Cindy Koopman, I live in one of Zen Mountains Sober Living Houses…I LOVE IT HERE AND HAS BEEN THE BEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO MY LIFE. Erin Rasmussen has seriously been so good to me…she went ABOVE AND BEYOND and worked very hard to make sure everything worked out with my probation and making it possible for me to remain in sober living…Erin NEVER GAVE UP ON HELPING ME IN EVERYWAY…and ALWAYS has returned every message I have ever sent whether it be text or voice mail….I really can’t Thank You enough Erin….any Women or Men considering entering into Zen Mountain Sober Living…I say COME IN AND START ENJOYING YOUR LIFE IN SOBRIETY…ZEN MOUNTAIN and Erin Rasmussen…have changed my life.

Come Enjoy and Beautiful Positive Home..I have and am loving every minute of it.

Thank you Erin..and Zen Mountain.


Cindy Koopman

Joan Burdue

I cannot express my gratitude to Zen Mountain and the staff enough. I was provided a sanctuary that served as the home base of community involvement, which is pivotal in recovery. This program gave me the educational resources in which to live my life free of shame and guilt. The choice is mine. I am grateful for the life long friends and lessons that I can share.

Lindsay Shelton

Erin has poured her heart and soul into Zen Mountain Recovery and has created an awesome community for women in recovery. I’ve appreciated the structure, support, and encouragement offered by Erin, both House managers, and the other women in the house. It is a solid place built around love and a strong desire to help women in recovery. I’m lucky to be a part of the community!

Jensen Jones

Coming in I was nervous not knowing to to expect but was welcomed with open arms and lots of love from everyone in the house. The bonds I’ve made with these ladies has built my confidence up tremendously and I will always cherish the fun memories I’ve made with everyone!! Deciding to come here was one of the best choices I’ve ever made for myself, and I can honestly say that this experience has built me into a better person.

Ali herndon

Zen Mountain is where I am experiencing a chance to build a strong foundation. When I walked into this home, I felt an immediate sense of positivity. For the first time in over a year I felt hope and I continue to feel it. I have been here now for several weeks and have experienced the provision of a clean, safe and supportive community. These ladies are a source of strength, optimism, support, and assurance. Structure and consistency are once again a part of my daily routine. I see such promise through the success of this family and its mentors. Most importantly I see glimmers of moving forward again in myself!! I am very grateful and blessed for this opportunity!

Lynne Parlove

Been living here in the Centennial house since January and it is by far one of the best. I’ve lived in sober living before a couple times and haven’t been able to enjoy the full experience and support the way I have here at Zen Mnt. ❤🧡💛

Richard Macias

Spoke with Erin about Her Sober Living Home for Woman What an Inspirational Conversation WE Had If You Have Someone Friend Or Family Looking to Regain There Life Back I Would Highly Recommend Contacting Her

Kimberly Miller

I was introduced to Zen Mountain Sober Living through the IOP I was completing. I needed a place to stay to get back on my feet. I met many very nice women who were in the exact same place as I and we all supported each other through our experiences and goals. The House at Zen Mountain was very accommodating and clean and had lots of space where you could be on your own or gather together and have conversations with other residents. The requirements for staying at Zen are very lenient; either work, go to school, or volunteer, and, of course, attend meetings that help with recovery. I am retired and really wanted to focus on myself, my sobriety, and working with my sponsor taking me through the 12 Steps. That was my “work” so I didn’t feel the pressure of “clocking in” with an actual place of employment/volunteering. I highly recommend Zen Mountain to any woman in need of a place to stay to regroup for just a month, or several months, while working through their journey to an independent sober life.