What to expect when moving into a sober living house

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Of course you want to know what to expect before becoming a guest. Our process is very simple and quick. Our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible from day one.

Sober Activities

First of all, Denver, Colorado is a one-of-a-kind place for employment potential, numerous sunny days per year, unlimited outdoor activities, and hundreds of other things to do. The sober living home you are moving into is high quality, loving, caring, and in a safe family neighborhood. You are going to love the comfortable feel of these welcoming houses and the wonderful, amazing women in them! So get excited!

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The goal of our program is to continue on our journeys of recovery, and have fun doing it! We make it a very important point to get out, try new things, try old things sober, and discover new interests and passions we never knew we had! Join us for our exciting, low-cost, clean and sober living activities. We have done everything from sober sports leagues to concerts, hockey games to white water rafting, bowling to hiking, paint-balling to trips to the movies. What is your idea of REAL fun? It may be time to find out!

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There are some things you probably need to bring and others you shouldn’t. For a helpful list please click here.

One of the things you will need to bring is your medication. We have a policy in place that details which medications are allowed and which ones aren’t, for the sake of everyone’s safety in the house. Please ask us about a medication if you aren’t sure it is allowed prior to your admission.

Things To Bring

​The following items are only suggestions, and not required. However, we recommend bringing these items to have the most comfortable stay as possible.

  1. Shower caddy. You won’t be able to leave your personal care items in the bathroom if you aren’t using them. We have them available for purchase if you do not have one.
  2. Your own toiletries and personal care products, including facial cleansing cloths and/or,personal washcloths for removing makeup. The house will not provide and shampoo, conditioner, razors, etc.
  3. Laundry hamper or bag. You will be required to use one. We have them available at the house if you need to buy one.
  4. Extra blankets and/or comforter. You will be provided these by the house, but if you want to bring your own, you are welcome to.
  5. Whatever clothing you will need for the duration of your stay. Colorado is very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter, so try to pack accordingly.
  6. Hangers
  7. Tennis shoes, swimming suit, sunglasses, and athletic apparel.
  8. House shoes or slippers – shoes must be removed in the house.
  9. Any laundry supplies you need (i.e. soap, fabric softener, dryer sheets)
  10. An eye mask for sleeping. Your roommate may have a different sleep schedule than you do.
  11. Ear plugs. Again – your roommate may need to wake up earlier than you do or go to bed after you.
  12. A head lamp or other reading lamp.
  13. Any personal electronics you think you will need, and their charging cords.
  14. A bike (this can be useful if you do not have a vehicle or cannot drive).
  15. Games you like to play – we provide several, but if you have a favorite, you’re welcome to bring it with you.
  16. A notebook/journal
  17. A good book (or several!)
  18. Your recovery program literature


  1. Any drugs or alcohol, including prescription medications that are not allowed or that are not prescribed to you. Please clear all your medications with staff before moving in.
  2. Any over the counter medications that are not allowed. Please clear all your medications with staff before moving in.
  3. Weapons of any kind
  4. Pets or animals of any kind
  5. Children
  6. Furniture
  7. Large electronics like TVs and desktop computers
  8. Game consoles, unless you have approval from staff in advance.
  9. In general, if you wouldn’t take it on an airplane with you, please don’t bring it. If you are unsure and it is not listed here, ask our staff if something is appropriate to have at the house.


  1. A set of linens: mattress cover, sheets, two pillow cases, comforter and a complete set of towels.
  2. At least two living areas that include TVs to watch
  3. Your bed and pillows
  4. Small, personal lamp in your bedroom
  5. Hangers in the closet (these must be left upon discharge)
  6. Hand Soap
  7. Laundry Soap
  8. Dish Soap
  9. Paper towels
  10. Toilet paper
  11. Coffee filters and coffee maker
  12. Most small kitchen appliances like blender, toaster, etc.
  13. Cookware
  14. Flatware & Dishes
  15. Cleaning supplies
  16. Trash bags
  17. Wi-Fi
  18. Water
  19. Trash service
  20. Gas and electricity
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